Llantwit Food Project

The Llantwit Food Project is an award-winning partnership project in the Western Vale which seeks to tackle the roots causes of food insecurity and increase community resilience.

The Llantwit Food Project began in October 2020 when key partners came together to explore what the barriers are to accessing good food in Llantwit Major. Through conversations with local community members and experts, the group began to build a picture of what could be done to improve this. Thanks to funding from the national lottery, we are now putting these ideas into action to make a positive impact on the local community.

Whilst food is the anchor of this project, it also seeks to cultivate many other benefits to the local community. For example, increasing community connectedness, raising awareness of where to get support, and ensuring local people are receiving the help they are entitled to. You can expect to see:

    • A monthly community hub at the CF61 centre, including cookery demos, equipment loans and face-to-face support.
    • Better signposting and information about local services, events and support.
    • A mobile food pantry service piloted.

Watch this video to get a flavour of what project partners were able to achieve in Year 1 of the Llantwit Food Project.

In 2023, the Llantwit Food Project was awarded the Ystadau Cymru Award in recognition of the project partnership’s excellent management of public estate in a way that is tailored to local needs and priorities.

Why do we need good food?

Good Food is food that is healthy and nutritious.

Eating well and having a healthy diet can help us all feel our best and make a big difference to our long-term health, reducing our risk of some long-term conditions such as coronary heart disease.

Eating and drinking the right food and fluid to stay healthy is important through our lives for both our physical and mental health and wellbeing. This means eating a wide variety of foods in the right proportions to make sure we have all the nutrients we need. You can find out more about what we mean by ‘good food’ by checking out the Eat Well guide which is a pictorial guide showing the proportion and types of food that are needed to make up a healthy balanced diet.

Why Llantwit Major?

Llantwit Major, like many other communities across the Vale, is home to a valuable and dedicated group of individuals and groups working to ensure their residents have access to good food. Nonetheless, it still faces the same challenges associated with food access as the rest of the Vale. Together with community members from across Llantwit Major, we aim to collect stories and experiences to build an in-depth understanding of what can be done to improve access to food. This pilot project will inform how we can potentially expand this work beyond Llantwit Major to ensure that everybody has a good meal everyday.

Who is involved?

We are working together with the organisations at the forefront of supporting our communities to ensure they have access to food. We know that working collaboratively is the best way to ensure long term change for our communities. Some of our key partners to date have been:

  • More In Common Chatty Cafe
  • Struggles to Smiles
  • The Need to Feed
  • Glamorgan Voluntary Service and CF61 Foodshare
  • Vale Foodbank
  • Llantwit Major Foodbank
  • Public Health Dietetics
  • Vale of Glamorgan Council
  • Plant Llantwit
  • Llantwit Major Town Council
  • Ysgol y Ddraig
  • Newydd Housing Association
  • Fareshare Cymru
  • Citizens Advice, Cardiff and the Vale
  • Cardiff and Vale Public Health Team
  • Hafod Housing
  • Age Connects

Listen again

Fiona Kinghorn & Cllr Lis Burnett talk about the Llantwit Food Access Project:

Emma Holmes talks about the benefits of eating well:

Leanne Taylor from CF61 talks about the FoodShare:

Vicky Lang talks about her project The Need To Feed:

Becky and Phil from the Vale Foodbank share their insights: