Vale Council

Vale Council have worked at an incredible fast working pace during coronavirus to support all residents across The Vale of Glamorgan.

“The pandemic has brought a very real need of finding ways of supporting some of the most vulnerable residents”. Lloyd Fisher from Vale Council explains. “Some residents have been advised to shield and not leave their homes for shopping or to collect medication and risk being socially isolated.”

Vale Council have worked with partners such as Glamorgan Voluntary Services, Age Connects and Registered Social Landlords, the Council have contacted over 4,000 people who are shielding, to establish whether they need support such as access to food deliveries, prescription collection and access to befriending services.

For those who cannot access food deliveries, arrangements are put in place for a Welsh Government food parcel to be delivered providing essential food supplies. A Crisis Support Line has been established to provide support and advice to residents during the pandemic.

In addition to the shielding response hub, schools in the Vale of Glamorgan have been providing food essentials to some of their most vulnerable families. Families with children who are eligible for free school meals have been receiving a voucher, which can be redeemed at a nominated local supermarket for the provision of food for children. It has been confirmed that this will continue through the summer holidays.

Links have been made with the FoodVale partnership and the partnership’s new website to promote the availability of locally sourced food from a variety of producer and suppliers across the Vale. “As we move from our crisis response to recovery, we’ll continue to work in partnership to ensure vulnerable people have access to the support and advice they need.” Lloyd Fisher, Vale Council.