Newydd Housing Association

Newydd is a charitable housing association that offers nearly 3,000 affordable homes for rent and sale to people where need is at its greatest in mid and south Wales. The Newydd vision is simply to provide affordable homes and support sustainable communities with excellent services to tenants and customers.

Our Values

We are a values based and values driven organisation. Our values define our culture and shape not only what we do but also how we do things. Everything we do is scrutinised to ensure that it is consistent with our values. Read more about our vision and values here.


We are honest, open and fair in our dealings with people and partner organizations. We respect confidentiality and the need to protect sensitive data. We want people to be aware of and understand the decisions we make and are accountable for our actions. We achieve this through informing our stakeholders consistently, regularly and fully.

Sustainability and equality

Everything we do needs to be viable in the future as well as now. To achieve this we assess the impact of our actions on communities and respect the environment to ensure there are no unintended consequences and that we are not disadvantaging any section of the community. We achieve this by involving stakeholders in our decision making.


We aim to achieve excellence in all we do. From the strategic direction to attention to detail, we aim to get it right first time. We will do what we say we will do and will acknowledge when we fail to deliver promises. We adapt and respond quickly and take every opportunity to learn from experience. In this way we are an improving organisation.

Contact Us:

Newydd Housing Association,
5 Village Way,
CF15 7NE

Phone: 0303 040 1998
Text : 07422 128780
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