New food cooperative in Barry ‘Pantri i Bawb’ seeks input from community

Pantri i Bawb is a brand-new food project designed to give local people access to good food at affordable prices.

The food cooperative is being set up by local business owners Amy and Stuart Greenfield, who run Eto Eto on Holton in Barry Town Centre, and who also formerly ran zero-waste store Awesome.Wales on the same street.

Their aim is to give local people access to high quality wholefoods, spices, baking ingredients and local produce: reducing packaging, cutting food miles and supporting the local food system. Once a month members of the cooperative will meet to distribute the products, using our combined buying power to offer the most affordable prices.

Pantri i Bawb will also be a vibrant community hub where members come together to learn, share and connect with like-minded individuals who share a passion for conscious consumerism and community building.

Amy Greenfield, co-founder of Pantri i Bawb, says: “Your input will be invaluable to making this project a success, together we can build a thriving food cooperative that benefits everyone involved.”

Fill out the survey now to give your input and stay up to date with developments: