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Natalie Hepburn runs her own smallholding, which is home to the prize winning Garlic Meadow flock of Dorset Down sheep, a flock of Black Wels Mountain sheep, a herd of goats, two gypsy cob horses, two alpacas and an array of poultry and waterfoul.

Business owner Natalie Hepburn discusses the adaptations made at their business ‘Garlic Meadow’ since the start of Covid-19. Garlic Meadow make Goat’s Milk Soap from their own Goat’s milk. They have swiftly adapted during the Coronavirus pandemic, changing from selling their products through shops and online orders, to solely just online business only. They have also offered free home delivery and socially distanced collection. Garlic Meadow have adapted by developing new products, however they are currently not ready for general realise yet due to cosmetic approval needed to sell such items.

Garlic Meadow decided to offer online service and socially distanced collection, as there was a demand for the product and the need to continue selling the product through this time.

Customers have welcomed the continued sale of Garlic Meadow soap and have benefited from the moisturising properties of the soap and this time of increased hand washing.

There has been a wide interest amongst the community for the product, which have reacted particularly well to the offer.

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