Food Vale invites students to weigh in on future food strategy for the Vale of Glamorgan

In an effort to build a food system fit for future generations, Food Vale reaches out to students from across the Vale to help shape the new food strategy.

In collaboration with UWC Atlantic and Natural Resources Wales, the event – held on 30th April – invited school pupils from across the Vale aged between 16-19 to join together to find solutions to how we can build a healthy and sustainable food system in the Vale.

Over 25 students joined the workshop, hosted by the College’s Systems Transformation programme in St Donats where attendees were able to work together to discuss what change they wanted to see for the future of food in the Vale. Pupils used the Three Horizons Framework to help them navigate through the complex questions around how current and future generations might be able to buy, cook, eat, grow and share good food. To learn more about the Three Horizon framework, please see here.

The development of the strategy is being led by Food Vale, the local sustainable food partnership for the Vale of Glamorgan. The strategy will guide action around creating a healthy and sustainable local food system in the Vale up to 2030, and will be framed within a 100-year vision for the food system in the Vale of Glamorgan in an effort to ensure that the needs of future generations are also being considered.

The event builds on the discussions from the Our Food Horizon engagement event held in Barry Memo back in November 2023. Food Vale continues to work with key partners and the local community to develop a local food strategy fit for future generations, and thanks the students present at the workshop for helping to shape this.

If you would like to find out more about this, please get in touch.