Food Vale has hired a new co-ordinator; Louise Denham.

Louise will help bring together organisations, businesses and communities to build a more sustainable local food system and improve the access, affordability and availability of good food across the Vale of Glamorgan.

The work will contribute towards the Vale’s broader work towards achieving the Bronze Award as a Sustainable Food Places network member, and will focus on Food Vale’s 3 key aims:

  • Provide a good meal for everybody every day
  • Support local food businesses to thrive
  • Connect local and global food opportunities.

Louise has previously worked with sustainable agricultural supply chains, and is passionate about food and farming that is good for communities, the environment and the local economy. She has a firm belief in the power of food to connect people with one another and with nature, and has a particular interest in food growing projects.

Louise says:

“With a backdrop of the Covid-19 crisis and Brexit, it has been a really challenging time for many people. But I believe that there are also emerging opportunities for improving our sustainability and resilience as a county.

There are a multitude of organisations, businesses and community members who are already doing so much for the healthy and sustainable food agenda. There seems to be a real appetite to bring this all together and build on it to create a thriving, local food system which celebrates the unique character of the Vale and connects communities.

I am thrilled to be able to join the Food Vale team and I look forward to meeting more people from across the county as we expand this exciting network.”

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