Vale Housing have dramatically changed their approach to advertising, scheme launch and service user delivery. A variety of different methods have been set up including Whatapp, Zoom and Email in addition to traditional telephone support. Since April, Pobl have supported over 100 individuals. A strong partnership has been established among Local Authority, DWP and Foodbank’s increased work load.

Contact Number 01446 735444 – Valehousingsupport@poblgroup.co.uk

Since Covid-19, ‘Vale Housing Support’ and ‘Vale Food Bank’ have been working together in a strong partnership.

An exciting project is underway which enables members of the public to have the opportunity to receive person centered support and an understanding of support needs when accessing the food bank. Becky Morgan, The Food Bank Manager explains the successes of the project “The pilot scheme between Vale Foodbank and Vale Housing support has been beneficial on so many levels. Within our service, users not only receive food parcels when in desperate need, additionally, will have wrap around support for their individual needs’.

“The Vale housing support Drop-in opening has been a great resource for us at a difficult time. To know there’s a service that can react and support people the same had been great.” Probation worker Pru Stockley.