Education and Training

At present we are working to develop our courses to be delivered virtually due to COVID-19, more information will be provided shortly.

The Cardiff and Vale UHB Dietetics Team deliver a range of courses providing evidence based, accurate, and consistent information on food and nutrition, to enable individuals and communities to make healthy and sustainable food choices.

Courses include:

‘Foodwise for Life’ is written by Public Health Dietitians in Wales (PHDiW) and is an eight week structured weight management programme which focuses on long term weight loss. The programme is delivered by a range of community based staff in settings such as leisure centres, community halls and schools

It will benefit individuals who are overweight with a Body Mass Index over 25kg/m2.

‘Foodwise for Life’ covers topics such as:

  • A Healthy way to lose weight.
  • Become more active.
  • Moving more!
  • Get support and ideas to help change your eating habits
  • Portion sizes
  • Food Labels
  • Dealing with hunger & cravings
  • Overcoming barriers
  • Swap it don’t stop it

It is not intended to replace structured education/care provided by health professionals for those with specific medical conditions such as diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome or low thyroid function.

To find out more about the variety of nutrition courses available scroll down to see the list of available training courses for NUTRITION SKILLS FOR LIFE.

Table 1. Level 2 Nutrition skills training courses for community workers.

Course Aim
Community Food and Nutrition Skills Course (Level 2, 3 credits) Enable community workers to cascade evidence based, consistent food and nutrition messages to community participants and to deliver Level 1 accredited courses (see Table 2)
Community Food and Nutrition Skills for the Early Years (Level 2, 2 credits) Enable early years practitioners to cascade evidence based, consistent food and nutrition messages to children and families and improve food and drink provision in their setting
Food and Nutrition Skills for Those Providing Care (Level 2, 1 credit) & Improving Food and Nutrition Care (Level2, 1 credit) Enable staff working with vulnerable older adults to improve food and drink provision for those in their care and prevent malnutrition.

The Public Health Dietetic team support those who have completed the Level 2 Community Food and Nutrition Skills Course to plan, implement and evaluate healthy eating initiatives with communities they work with. This can include delivery of the accredited Level 1 courses in Table 2

Table 2. NUTRITION SKILLS FOR LIFE™ Level 1 courses for community groups.

Course Aim
Community Food and Nutrition Skills (Level 1, 1 credit) Enable individuals to make healthy and sustainable food choices and gain credit for learning
Get Cooking – Cooking for Health (Level 1, 2 credits) Enable participants to prepare healthy, safe, economical meals for themselves and their families using a variety of cooking methods and to gain credit for learning (see ‘Get Cooking’ tab for further information)
Foodwise for Life—(Weight Management Programme for Individuals) (Level 1, 2 credits) Enable participants to manage their own weight (see ‘Foodwise for Life’  tab for further information)

Foodwise in Pregnancy is the only free healthy lifestyles programme in Cardiff for pregnant ladies in line with Public Health Wales initiatives Every Child Wales and the First 1000 days.

The second Foodwise in Pregnancy programme is up and running led by Public Health Dietitians and funded by Cardiff Families First in partnership with Cardiff and Vale UHB Midwives.

The sessions include activities highlighting:

  • ideal balanced eating habits using the Eatwell guide, linking in food safety messages
  • portion sizes
  • nutritional supplements
  • being active for baby and mum
  • food labelling
  • meal planning and budgeting
  • adapting family recipes
  • changing lifestyle habits for life.

Those that access the programme will receive their own participant handbook.

Women during any stage of their pregnancy can self-refer to the programme. Dads or a friend or family member are more than welcome to attend as support.

Get Cooking is a practical cookery course that can be delivered over 6-8 weeks. The course is delivered in a fun and informal way and allows participants to develop confidence and skills in preparing healthy meals.

The course is accredited with Agored Cymru at Level 1 and these courses run throughout Cardiff and Vale.

Get Cooking tutors can be trained through the NUTRITION SKILLS FOR LIFE TM Scheme. Once trained, tutors can access high quality resources such as a Get Cooking recipe book, learner workbooks and tutor handbook.

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