Cobbles Kitchen – Ogmore

Chloe Francis Oakley is the owner of Cobbles Kitchen in Ogmore, Vale of Glamorgan. Cobbles is a café come restaurant and wedding venue with a huge focus on using seasonal and local produce. Chloe has explained how they swiftly made alterations with their business in order to compete with the changing environment due to Covid-19.

Cobbles have adapted really well since Covid-19. “Cobbles initially shut down for approximately 6 weeks and then relaunched as a takeaway/delivery with a limited menu and a shorter working week.” Customers have been incredible Chloe, owner of Cobbles explains. “We have seen so many familiar faces as well as lots of new too. There has definitely been a sense of comarderie with a huge increase in the support for independents like us. People are looking to shop local now more than ever.”

The changes made, have been applauded within the community and feedback proving very positive. A limited menu and a shorter working week has enabled staff at Cobbles to really focus on making the food and presentation extra special and it has definitely been appreciated.

Cobbles are beginning to make arrangements to reopen, taking into consideration the social distancing measures. They have had to lay out the restaurant so that tables are 2m apart, changing the menu and the service. Staff will be fully retrained so that they are able to reopen safely. Chloe imagines they will still be operating a takeaway model to support the business due to the reduction of covers they now have and for those that are still uneasy about dining out.

“The pandemic for us has been a real turning point and fortunately, with the support of the government we have managed to stay afloat and thrive. For that, we are hugely grateful. It has opened our eyes and giving us time to reflect on things that need to change going forward. We try and see the positives in everything and keep moving forward. We are looking forward to the next chapter.”

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