Cardiff and Vale Action for Mental Health

Cavamh links with people with mental health lived experience, carers and voluntary sector groups with an interest in mental health in Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan to have a voice in the planning and delivery of services through:

  • Cardiff & Vale Mental Health Forum – the network for voluntary sector groups with an interest in mental health whether small or large
  • Sefyll – the involvement development project for people with mental health lived experience aged 18+
  • Nexus – the involvement project for older people and their carers, including people with dementia
  • Join the Dots – involving young people with lived experience aged 11- 25 and groups supporting young people

What we do: 

  • Information Providing and sharing relevant information through our: 
    • Website – website includes news, events, and information as well as our comprehensive Mental Health Services Directory.
    • Directories Directions a guide to older people’s mental health services and caring; 
    • Mental Health Services Directory – a directory of all mental health services working in Cardiff and the Vale 
    • Newsletters and e-bulletins
  • Training Providing and promoting training for people working in the voluntary sector, and people in contact with mental health services. 
  • Networking Supporting and facilitating networking through: the Mental Health Forum, interest groups and through Nexus, Sefyll and Join the Dots service user and carer involvement groups
  • Having a Voice and co-production: Influencing the planning, and delivery of mental health services – connecting voluntary sector, service users and carers productively with service providers, planners, and commissioners 
  • Development 
    • Support and funding advice for voluntary sector organisations, service user and carer groups 
    • Identifying needs and gaps in services 
    • Supporting the development of initiatives 
  • Mental Health Promotion through for example, co-ordination of voluntary sector involvement in World Mental Health Day, and mental health awareness training. 

What’s been happening since lockdown?

Check out our website- for 

  • up to date weekly info on local mental health services and activities, 
  • on line forum with surveys and a chance for a chat – (see our website)
  • stakeholder feedback sessions with the Cardiff & Vale Mental Health Cinical Board 
  • on line meet ups for voluntary sector groups – e.g– the Mental Health Forum, Join the Dots, BAME group and counselling services
  • help to develop the local Recovery College
  • support for other events, training and developments 

If you would like to find out more or are interested in joining:


General and Mental Health Forum- 07522 914210

Sefyll – Mike McCandless (works part time) at

Nexus – Helen Joy (works part time) at

Join the Dots – Christina Witney (works part time) at

For email